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Ranganathar Brass Statue 5"

Ranganathar Brass Statue 5"

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Item Id: Idol080

Metal: Brass 




Quality brass idol of lord vishnu in reclining posture. Also know as Shree Ranganadhar on serpent. Hand crafted piece of art made in brass by ingenious craftsmen. Can be used for Pooja purpose or as display. 

Lord Ranganadhar / Sree vishnu statue made of quality brass. They are hand made and looks very elegant to light-in up your festival.

History: Lord Mahavishnu in reclaiming pose on five headed colied serpent on primordial waters. On the top of the lotus Brahma is seen and deity sri devi wife of lord Vishnu is seated beside. The deity is a resting form of lord Vishnu, recumbent on the great form of the serpent god adisesha, one ofthe formost of Hindu gods. This is the form in which he is open to listening to all of his devotee's woes, and blesses them. Apart form being worshipped by all Hindus this form is of particular importance to the Sri Vaishnava community. 

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