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Nandhi With Shiva Lingham Statue Brass 8 Inches

Nandhi With Shiva Lingham Statue Brass 8 Inches

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Item id: CBIDOL052

Material: Brass

Color: Dull Gold

Height : 8 inches / 20 cm

Width : 5 inches / 12 cm

Nandhi With Shiva Lingham Statue Brass

Nandhi Bull statue brass idol. Nandhi-vehicle of Lord Shiva. Lingam is placed on the Nadai with the five headed serpant

. Nandi Statues show Lord Nandi Kneeling in reverence and worship, waiting to serve his Lord Shiva, thus symbolizing the purity and strength. This Nandi statue comes with beautiful hand carving work on it.

. The attractive designs carved on this statue make them perfect to be kept in luxurious and modern drawing rooms as a symbol of luck, wealth and prosperity. These antiquated looking Nandi Statues is absolutely ideal for gift purposes.

. About the Sacred Bull Nandhi: The name for the bull which serves as the mount (Sanskrit: Vahana) of the god Shiva and as the gatekeeper of Shiva and Parvati.

. In Hindu Religion, he is the chief guru of eighteen masters (18 siddhas) including Patanjali and Thirumular Temples venerating Shiva display stone images of a seated Nandi, generally facing the main shrine.

. Nandi statues signifies single-minded devotion and the peaceful strength of faith.

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