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Naattu Sarkkarai 1 Kg

Naattu Sarkkarai 1 Kg

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Item id: CBNS086

Material: Natural

Color: Brown

Naattu Sarkkarai / Pure Natural Cane Jaggery Powder

. Supports our digestive system: It s good for easing your bowel movements thus, giving relief from constipation.

. It activates digestive enzymes and helps digestion reducing pressure on the intestines

. Rich in minerals:It is rich in minerals- phosphorous, calcium, and iron. Since it is extracted from sugarcane juice and is not refined and bleached, it retains all these minerals

. Cleansing and purifying: A good blood purifier, helps alleviate digestive issues, helps with the detoxification of the liver and boosts energy levels.

. Alternative to Sugar : It is an Healthier substitute to white sugar. It enhances tastes in Tea/ coffee /juices/ sweets

. Chemical free : It is Unadulterated, No Artificial flavors are added, Lab tested product

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