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Lord Krishna Dancing Statue Brass 4.5 Inches

Lord Krishna Dancing Statue Brass 4.5 Inches

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Item id: CBIDOL194

Material: Brass

Color: Gold

Height:  4.5" / 11.4 cm

Lord Krishna Dancing Statue Brass 

. Lord Krishna Dancing on Serpent Kaliya BrassStatue in brass. Ideal gift item

.  Lord Krishna: Krishna, worshipped as the eighth incarnation (avatar) of Vishnu. Little Krishna was adored for his mischievous pranks; he also performed many miracles and slew demons.

.  Lord Krishna came to know that a very large and poisonous serpent had made its home in a lagoon on the Yamuna river. Because the serpent was so poisonous, not only all the fish died, but even the trees and grass surrounding the lake were dying. When birds flew over the area, they immediately dropped dead and fell into the lake, due to the highly poisonous vapors emanating from the water.

.  The Lord jumped from one hood to another, and Kaliya felt helpless and bewildered; in anger he spat fire from his many mouths but the Lord was so dexterous that His dancing movements caused the snake to become dizzy. After so many kicks from the Lord, Kaliya started to first vomit blood, and then refuse, before becoming almost unconscious.

.  Krishna decided to banish Kaliya to the great ocean never to return again.His cowherd boyfriends on the bank of the Yamuna, to continue their wonderful pastimes in the land of Brindavana.

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