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Kerala Cooking Urli Brass 4 inches

Kerala Cooking Urli Brass 4 inches

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Item id: CBKC2081

Material: Brass

Color: Gold

Height: 4 inches

Width: 4  inches

Urli Brass / Gold Brass Metal Uruli / Pure Brass Solid Design Uruli

Uruli is handcrafted in Mannar (an Alappuzha heritage village) for cooking, serving food, preparing side dishes, and making Ayurvedic medicines. It is known for its high-quality red since ancient times and can be used on modern stoves. This urli has excellent heat efficiency and retainability, circulates heat and moisture evenly, and requires more oil than other cookware. It also provides copper and tin (essential elements for human health) to promote an oligodynamic effect, killing bacteria

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