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Kamakshi Amman Brass Statue 6"

Kamakshi Amman Brass Statue 6"

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Item Id: Idol341

No. of items: 1Kamakshi

Material: Brass

Weight: 1.1kg (approx)

Kanchi kamachi brass statue for home and temple. Goddess Kanchi is goddess of love and strength. Brass Kanchi Kamachi Devi in sitting posture.  Kamakshi Amman sitting in the yogi pose of Padmasana. Her seat or Aasan is pan Brahmsan. She has four arms. In her lower hand are sugarcane and a bunch of five flowers. In her upper hand have her weapons Pasha and Ankush. There is a parrot near her but it is hardly visible to the visitors. She is always well adorned in bright beautiful Saris with all the Shringara.

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