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Idli Cooker Steel 8 Inches

Idli Cooker Steel 8 Inches

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Item id: CBKWI077

Material: Stainless Steel

Color: Silver


Cooker Height : 5.3 inches / 14 cm

4 Idli Plates & Stand x 1

Length 8 inches/ 20 cm,

Idli Cooker Steel

. This Product Made By Pure Stainless Steel material

.  Made From High Quality Stainless Steel Making It Exclusive And Durable.Seva plates are used for making noodles, seva, idiyappam etc...

.  Latest kitchen products to cook elegantly and effortlessly. Brilliant collection of Stainless Steel Idli Stand available in our store. We stock the best kitchenware online to suit your requirements. Made with High Quality Steel. 

.  A variant of Idli known assanna (Konkani: सान्नां sānnāṃ) is very popular amongst the Goans and other Konkani people. Another variant known as "Enduri Pitha" is very popular in Odisha. For preparation of "Enduri Pitha", mixture of black gram paste and ground once-boiled rice is wrapped in turmeric leaf and steam cooked

.  Earliest mention of idli occurs in the Kannada writing called Vaddaradhane by Shivakotiacharya

.  Idli (Tamil: இட்லி, Kannada: ಇಡ್ಲಿ, Telugu: ఇడ్లి, Malayalam: ഇഡ്ലി), also romanized idly or iddly

.  No.of items:1idli cooker, 4 idli plates in 1 stand

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