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Hastham and Paatham Deity Vigraha 2.5"

Hastham and Paatham Deity Vigraha 2.5"

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Item Id: Hp082

No. of items: 1pair of palm known as Hastham ( 2pcs)

1pair of feet known as Paatham (2pcs)

Type: Gold plated finish

Stone: Multicolor stones. 

Palm Height: 3inches

Leg Height: 2.5inches

Arm Length: 1.7inches

Feet Length: 3 inches

Weight: 400g (Approx.) 

Hastham and Paatham Deity Vigraha Palm Feet Decoration for Temple 2.5".

Description: Glittering Multicolor stones palm and feet set. Used to decorated the statue of God and Goddess.  Dazzling quality stones. Ornaments for Deity. Swami alankaram, Hastham, Patham, Idol Plam feet ornaments. Hastham patham / Idol plam feet ornaments decorated on the Hindu deity palm is known as hastham. 

How to maintain: After use wrap it in a soft cloth. Avoid contact with water. 


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