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Ganesh Pooja Thambulam Brass 8 Inches

Ganesh Pooja Thambulam Brass 8 Inches

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Item id: CBPL021

Material: Brass

Color: Gold

Diameter : 8 inches / 20 cm

Ganesh Pooja Thambulam Brass

Brass pooja plate. Elegant designs for gift or home decoration.

. A simple brass pooja thali is likely to have items of food to be offered for prasad; it may have a container of water, ghee, vibhuti, kukum, other powders, matches,  arathi plate. The contents of a puja tray vary according to deity and devotion.

. Usually in a Hindu Puja tray, there is a pot of water for ritual cleansing.A bell to call the family to worship.A tiny pot of the red Kum-kum paste to mark the forehead.

. This mark means that a woman's soul (her husband) is with her. An arti lamp for the arti ceremony where everybody passes their hands over the lighted lamp and then over their forehead to make them feel closer to God

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