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Elephant Brass Uruli 12 Inches

Elephant Brass Uruli 12 Inches

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Item id: CBUL007

Material: Brass in Antique

Color: Black Gold

Total Height : 12 inches / 30 cm

Diameter : 9 inches / 22 cm

Elepahnt Brass Uruli Floating Flower Arrangement

Brass Antique vessel is for flower arrangement, that keeps the whole place pleasant and amiable. This hemisphere shaped shallow bowl has also become a decorative item with flowers arranged in the center.

.  Beautiful Elephant design brass Antique Uruil vessel is for arranging flowers with water. Gives a pleasant look to the surroundings and entrance. Can be used at the entrance, stage decorations or any hall.

.  How To Decorate Uruli with Flowers and Use Uruli : Pour some freshwater into the Uruli and add some fresh flowers over it.

.  History : Hemisphere shaped brass vessels, known as urulis, were at one time found in just about every kitchen in South India. Now they're more commonly used for decoration. Urili is sturdy and made of brass or bronze.


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