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Brass Thiruvachi Arch 4"

Brass Thiruvachi Arch 4"

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Item Id: THIRU021

Height: 4 inches / 10 cm

Total Width: 2.5 inches / 6.3 cm

Inner Opening Height: 2.5 inches / 3 cm

Material: Brass

Weight: 200 g (Approx.)

Prabhavali Brass Thiruvachi Arch for Small Idols Peedam 4" 

Small Size Brass Thiruvachi Prabhavali stand with arch. Small size decorative Prabhavali brass arch popularity known as " THIRUVACHI"  or "PRABHAVALI" is used to keep small size statues and idols. It can also be used as a wall accent or wall hanging. Prabhavali or the decorative arch placed around the icons of the deities at temples and home shrines. It typically consists of an arch with in tribal head center, resting on a pair of poles with decorative pillar on either sides. 

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