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Brass Kuzhi Karandi 14.5 Inches

Brass Kuzhi Karandi 14.5 Inches

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Item id: CBKW043

Material: Pure Brass

Color: Gold

Height : 14.5 inches / 37 cm

Cup Diameter: 3 inches / 7 cm

Weight : 310 grm (Approx)

Brass Kuzhi Karandi 

 Brass Kuzhi Karandi    /    Brass Kuzhi Karandi Spoon 

. Crafted by the hands of abled rural artisans, our Bronze Kuzhi Karandi has a deep centre that’s perfect for cooking Sambar, Rasam and other runny gravies.

. Traditional Pure Brass vessels can also help in strengthening your immunity and increasing your haemoglobin count.



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