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Brass Kumkum Gift Holder Box 1.8 inches

Brass Kumkum Gift Holder Box 1.8 inches

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Item id: CBGT131 

Material: Brass

Color: Gold

Height : 1.8" / 4.6 cm

Width   : 3.5 " / 8.9 cm

Brass Kumkum Gift Holder Box 

. Description : This Kumkum box is used for social and religious markings in Hinduism, the offered pooja article Manjal Kumkum box. Kumkum boxes are a favorite with women.

. When an Indian woman wears a little red kumkum in the parting of their hair just above the forehead, it conveys the meaning that she is married. This is a perfect item to gift women guests at weddings, anniversaries, bridal showers etc. 

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