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Brass Dabara Set

Brass Dabara Set

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Item id: CBDS057

Material: Brass

Color: Gold

Height: 4.54 cm

Width: 8 cm

Kumbakonam Brass Dabara Set / Degree Coffee tumbler and Dabrah 

. South Indian Brass Coffee cup and Dabra set , Madrasi Filter Coffee Set , kumbakonam Coffee Dabara Set

. South Indian Filter coffee cup traditional for Serving tea and Coffee

. Easy to use and clean. Very helpful, handy and convenient.

. Care and Caution: As brass oxidizes over time and forms patches (which is natural),

. we recommend that you periodically polish the Dabaras with a brass or appropriate metal polish to maintain its beauty

. Benefits of Brass Material: Brass utensils helps for hemoglobin synthesis, improving bone strength and boosting immunity.


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