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Arathi Stand Brass 8 Inches

Arathi Stand Brass 8 Inches

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Item id: CBPJ73

Material: Brass

Color: Gold

Width : 5 inches / 13 cm

 Length : 8 inches / 20 cm

Arathi Stand Brass

. Beautiful brass Dhoop  holder. Brass in the design of floral pattern makes it graceful. Used at home and during auspicious pooja ceremonies.

. Traditional Aarathi dhoop  holder. Quality brass handle. Used in Pooja and temples.

. Details : Hindu rituals involve offering Aarathi while praying. Burning of dhoop purifies the entire atmosphere.

. The spiritual significance is that it purifies the mind. This dhoop aarti lamp is ideal for burning solid dhoop fragrances and offering to the deities


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